Open mind

“Then he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures.”  Luke 24:45

We do not have the capacity to understand the Bible without God’s help.

It may be that a Godly-anointed preacher gives us explanation.

Jesus took an initiative of that sort when He explained how the Old Testament told of what He was now involved in.

The beauty of Godly insights!

You read a section of the Bible and suddenly see it in a new way.  You wonder why it has taken you so long to see it that way.  Could it be that God has now opened your mind as He did with His disciples?  I think so.

When we read Scripture, we should beforehand ask Him to please open our minds to what we’ll be reading.  I refuse to believe that He would not honor such a request.

The Scripture has much to say to you and me, but we need help to gain understanding.  We must ask Him for it.

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