You have heard it said……..but I tell you

(Matthew 5:38-39)

Jesus came to earth to straighten things out.

I am unable to function in a Godly fashion unless I am overwhelmed with Him.

Many of the things Jesus told us to do are flat out impossible.  They go entirely against natural instincts.

And this is the point of today’s entry: the natural man gets it wrong.

I want to avenge those who wrong me.  It wasn’t deserved.  They over-reacted.

But Jesus says that I must.

The teachings of Jesus were painfully clear at times.  I say, painfully, because the reader doesn’t want to believe what he/she is reading.  You want me to do what??

But back I go to recognizing that in my own strength (naturally) I can’t perform at the level He would require of me.  Therefore, I am drawn to my need for His help.

I must live my life in a tight relationship to Him. That relationship must be ongoing.

If my relationship to Him is loose than surely things will come along to reveal that looseness.

I like to ask God, “What do You want me to do?”

But it behooves me to also ask, “Will You please give me a strength this day that is embedded in You?”

I can do it His Way if He is in charge of everything I do.


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