Speaking His Words

“and go out to the Valley of Ben Hinnom, near the entrance of the Potsherd Gate.  There proclaim the words I tell you……” Jeremiah 19:2

God has words that He wants said, and as His representative I must be saying them.

How am I doing at it?

Judging by reactions, sometimes better than others.

Why the inconsistency?

I think that the “inconsistency” starts with my way of getting His Words.

How often have I spoken first and regretted it later?

In much of my life I prepare in advance.  I check my wardrobe.  I check my schedule.  All before I set out.

Without planning, my day can be thrown off.

I want to use God Words, but I must have His timing when I speak.

Certainly, there are times to speak immediately and there are times to wait.

Certainly, there are times to say nothing, even in obvious situations.

To generate words that He would like, I must have stored up His words in advance.

The first Person I should speak to each day is God.  I must declare His place in my life, and I must ask Him to give me His Words and His Timing with those words.

Jeremiah was so filled with God that he had to say what God wanted him to say.

May I have that same divine enabling today.



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