Near or far?

“But can you name even one of these prophets who lives close enough to God to hear what he is saying?” Jeremiah 23:18

Proximity to God correlates with how Godly I will live.

The prophets God is talking about in today’s verse were telling the people that they had nothing to worry about.  Jeremiah, saying what God told him to say, was saying just the opposite.

Who could you trust?  Obviously, the one closest to God would hear/tell what God said best.

I apply this to my own life.  I cannot expect to accurately do what God wants if I have distanced myself from Him.  Absence from His presence is a mistake.

Walking with God takes discipline.  I must pay attention because His “walk” may have a different pace than I had planned.

Think of your day.  Sometimes things come up that redirect you to things you hadn’t planned for the day.

If I chose my own “pace,” I could well miss out on His plans for me.  I could even find His plans troubling.

I do not know what He has for me to do.  I dare not pre-determine that this is what I’ll do or won’t do.

My best posture is to stay close to Him.  Close enough that I can talk to Him.  Close enough that I can hear Him talking to me.

The false prophets in Jeremiah’s day told the people what THEY thought was going to happen.  These prophets had little or no contact with God although they professed otherwise.

Jeremiah was tight with God.  His words, though unpopular, were true.  There was trouble coming he said.  All wasn’t well.  Jeremiah’s proximity to God enabled him to get right what he was supposed to do and say.

I crave His insights.  I must preserve in staying close to Him.

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