Don’t get God mad

“Don’t anger Me by worshiping idols..” Jeremiah 25:6

How many times does God have to tell us?

Worshiping someone/something above Him insults Him.


He is above everything.

He created the earth and everything around it.

He didn’t create and then take a vacation.  He’s still running what He created.

To suggest by actions that He was less and/or is less, angers Him.  And rightly so!

And we do it all the time.

We get wrapped up in our affluence.

We must have certain things in order to be happy.

How foolish!  Any “real” happiness comes from an everlasting relationship with Him.  Why put ultimate energy in promoting lesser things?  Things that are terminal.

I was talking to a student driver this morning about her trip to Africa.  She said that one of the things she witnessed was people with less living as if they weren’t.  Their happiness should have been affected by their conditions but often it was not.

Paul in jail, and out of jail, rejoiced because his relationship to God was his ultimate thing.

I must learn to live like that.

I often put hurdles between God and myself, telling myself that if I can jump those hurdles then I’ll be happy.  The “hurdles” are my counterfeit gods and having them angers God, as today’s verse tells me.

What is more important to me than God?  If anything comes to mind, it must be lessened because He deserves to be worshiped not those things.

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