“But Ahikam (son of Shaphan), the royal secretary, stood with Jeremiah and persuaded the court not to turn him (Jeremiah) over to the mob to kill him.” Jeremiah 26:24

Just before this verse we read the disturbing story about another prophet named Uriah who was also prophesying a future of gloom and doom for Jerusalem.

Uriah feared for his life and ran to Egypt.  That didn’t slow down King Jehoiakim.  He sent men to Egypt to capture Uriah and return him to Jerusalem.  King Jehoiakim, himself, killed Uriah.

This incident returns us to an earlier incident in Jeremiah 26 where a mob wants to do in Jeremiah for the dire consequences ahead that he has been prophesying about.

When threatened, Jeremiah didn’t run: “the Lord sent me to speak every word that you have heard from me.” Jeremiah 26:15.

Now Jeremiah is facing the same ruler (King Jehoiakim) that had captured and killed Uriah. Jeremiah’s life was truly in the balance.

Then there comes the great word, “BUT.”

“But Ahikam.”  This man, with royalty connections does two amazing things; he stands with Jeremiah and he speaks persuasively to spare Jeremiah’s life.

Was it risky for Ahikam to do this?  How could we think otherwise?

There weren’t soft landings for those displeasing authorities.  Think of the Esther story.  If this goes wrong, I’m dead.

But Ahikam, for whatever reasons, does the tough thing and Jeremiah is saved to prophesy some more.

This is about taking a right stand without caring about the consequences.

We live in a world where evil happens all around us.  A look at the news, a glance at the paper and there we find it on a regular basis.

Have we grown numb to it?

Have we grown used to it?

We live in a world where evil is legislated into existence.  It becomes the “law” of the land, but we are quite sure that it defies a truth in the Bible.  It will never be “right.”  Yet we live with it………..and say nothing.

We act like Uriah.  We run and hide when what we say gets us in trouble.

Many of us take it even further back than that; we say nothing at all about things we know are wrong.

What cowards!



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