Why do we have rules?

“Those laws are good when used as God intended.  But they were not made for us, whom God has saved; they are for sinners who hate God…” 1 Timothy 1:8-9

Without rules, how do you know how to play a game?

You must have them.

The Bible has rules everywhere and God is regularly pointing out violations.

We are all breakers of His laws, each in our own way.  You may do something I don’t do, and vice versa.

The key to the necessity of God’s rules/laws is understanding that we are all violators.

We do not have a perfect record.

God accurately sees us all as lawbreakers, whether we do or not.

Our flawed behavior should separate us from Him forever……………but it doesn’t have to!

God saw our flawed state and did something to take care of it.  He sent Jesus to earth to die for our flaws.  Jesus took the punishment we deserved on Himself.

If I recognize that I’m flawed (God’s laws help in reaching that conclusion) and believe that Jesus died in my place for my flaws, my deserved separation from God is no longer in effect.  I’m cleared and in His sight I am clean.  What a God!

We are in a world where many folks see themselves as good/okay.  They realize that they’ve done some things wrong but imagine that their good deeds will balance them off to their favor.  Serious mistake.  ONE sin is enough to disqualify us from the perfection needed to live an eternal after-life with God.

There are not levels of sin.  There is no balancing scale.

Without rules, we’d all be perfect.  But God has rules and we’ve all broken them.  We MUST do something about the separation from God that has resulted.


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