But the Lord hid them

“Then the king commanded Jerahmeel, Seraiah, and Shelemiah to arrest Baruch and Jeremiah.  But the Lord hid them!” Jeremiah 36:26

Obey God without question.

Jeremiah lived that way.

In today’s story, Baruch is invited to live the same way.

Jeremiah is in some form of confinement.  He has received a prophecy from God and is unable to present what he has heard to the king.  He asks Baruch to handle that part for him.

Dangerous? You bet!

The king wouldn’t be hearing good news.  Jeremiah was already limited by the king because of the steady gloom-and-doom prophecies he had shared.  The king would not be a happy listener.

But here comes Baruch with another prophecy that Jeremiah had heard from God.

The king, as expected, was angry.

After listening to the prophecy, he burned the scrolls upon which Jeremiah had written the prophecy.

Then the king wanted to “interact” with Baruch and Jeremiah.  No doubt that interacting with the angry king wouldn’t have gone well.

BUT the Lord hid them.

The record does not show how God did this, but for the moment they were spared.

God can do remarkable things.

We limit Him by our vision of Him as “limited.”  He isn’t.

We look at mountains and see…….mountains!  God sees things His own way.

We are not promised an escape from every trouble that comes along.  However, we know that He knows our predicament.

Our task is to be obedient to His Will and trust in Him as we carry it out.




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