Do your best work

“…never let it be said that Christ’s people are poor workers.  Don’t let the name of God or his teaching be laughed at because of this.”  1 Timothy 6:1

How do we behave when no one is watching?

Those with jobs know that there are times when you really are on your own.  No one’s around.  No one to evaluate your commitment.

BUT God is watching, and others may be as well.

We live in a culture in which our identity as Christians may not be obvious.  We mingle with so many different people that we have no specific identity.

I think that the true test of our work habits comes when we work where folks know we’re believers.  They’re family members or they attend the same church we do.

When those people see us in action, we represent something to them.  They know of the standards that we profess to follow and they can’t help but observe us……..and draw conclusions.

How should we work when no one is around?  The answer is simple: Work as if Someone is around, because He is.


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