Can we accept “No” from God?

Can we accept “No” from God?

“You lie!  The Lord our God hasn’t told you to tell us not to go to Egypt!” Jeremiah 43:2

Johanan and his buddies had no intention of obeying God.

Should they leave Judah and escape the Babylonians by fleeing to Egypt?  Made sense.  Egypt would protect them from the Babylonians.  To stay put and cooperate with them was way too risky.

But they asked Jeremiah to check in with God and vowed (“May the curse of God be on us if we refuse to obey whatever He says we should do.”) to do God’s will.

Who were they kidding?  They only wanted confirmation of plans they already had in place.

They weren’t planning to stay.  They were going to get their “safety” from Egypt.

How like us.  We have The God yet how often we put our trust in lesser gods.

God knows our hearts and is never deceived by what we say.

Johanan ignored what God wanted him to do and got the disaster he deserved.

God puts people into our lives to be like Jeremiah.  They have His Words and those words may not be, at times, what we want to hear.  But we should.

We need to ask God directly for His Will and we need to be willing to accept that Will

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