“Turn us around and bring us back to you again!  That is our only hope! Give us back the joys we used to have.”  Lamentations 5:21 (Living Bible)

My computer has not been working very well lately.

A nearby repair shop found nothing wrong except that the machine is 4+ years old.

What to do?

Therein became the problem as my approach was; “What can I do?”, and “What can others do?”

I got so uncertain about what to do……that I turned to prayer!

A Godly Sherlock Holmes could easily note my problem: looking for solutions in the wrong order.

Why do I constantly plan and proceed without His counsel?

What small part of my thinking does He actually control ?

I set out this morning to visit a computer place that I had used 4+ years ago to install the software needed to get my current computer up-and-running at that time.  As I drove to the place, I heard an Inner Voice: “You haven’t had your devotions yet.  Turn around, go home, and have them before you do anything.”

I wanted to ignore that Voice because I was on the way, but I knew that I couldn’t.  I turned around, went home, and had my daily reading and meditating.

Lamentations 5:21 caught my eye.  For me that verse said, “Stop planning and proceeding without me and turn, instead, to me without ceasing.”

I do not know where my search for computer solutions will take me, but I feel a whole lot better about that search now that I’ve turned to Him before seeking anymore solutions.


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