We’re not fooling God

“O Israel, the Lord God says: If you insist on worshiping your idols, go right ahead, but then don’t bring your gifts to me as well!  Such desecration of my holy name must stop!” Ezekiel 20:39

We worship whatever we want all week and then we show up in church on Sunday to worship God.

In today’s verse, God mocks our behavior.

He understands what is going on; our commitment to God is a joke.

He deserves total worship, yet we give Him partial.

Every good gift is from Him.  He provided a way for me to spend my after-life with Him.

Do I need to be sitting in a Sunday service to realize what He has done for me?

Anything that is more important to me than God is an idol.  This doesn’t mean that I become part of a monastery.  It does mean, however, that God must be invited into every part of my life.  This will keep me from chasing a “god” of my own choosing.

Notice that God allows me free will.  He doesn’t force me to worship Him.

I must not share the worship He deserves with anyone else.

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