Is heaven real and am I really going there?

The minister at church raised this question today: If we are ignoring God now, why would we want to go to heaven and be with Him later?

The after-life options are clear; an eternity with God or an eternity apart from Him.

Isn’t living without God what Hell is?

Does my behavior in this life divulge what my hopes in the after-life are?

It has become troubling to be with family/friends who have intentionally chosen to live their lives without God.  There’s no mention.  There’s no worship.  There’s no urgency to seek God.

If this life is all that there is, then being godless makes perfect sense.  However, if God is real then He must be real in my life in the here and now.

Maybe you’re thinking, “I’ll wait until I get there and then choose to be with God.”  No, you won’t!

There is a judgment day after death.  We will stand before God and our life’s records will be exposed.  We’ll know then that we aren’t worthy to spend an after-life with God, if we don’t already know it.

If we’ve neglected God here, we’ll continue to live without Him in the after-life.

I wonder what the after-life status is for those who claim, or have claimed, to be believers but now have chosen to ignore Him?  Sobering thought, for sure.

Blame my minister.  He was finishing Revelation and there was a ton of heaven talk.

Heaven may be God changing this earth back to the way it was.  It may be in a different place, who knows?  That being said, it is a place I want to be in.  I expect to be wherever it is.  I don’t deserve heaven BUT God made a way for me, and you, to be there.



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