I don’t have it all together

(Trying to get back to producing entries regularly. This is certainly not to please the cravings of an extended list of followers, just to get some regularity to my Bible reading. Reading without responsibility does not work well with me.)

“I’m not saying that I have this all together….” Philippians 3: 12 (The Message)

Paul lists some remarkable qualifications. His pedigree is amazing, as are his life experiences.

He is as good as they come. But then comes verse 12 where he steps back to assure the readers that he, like the rest of us, is a work in progress.

We will not ever get it completely right. If we try for perfection, we will always feel inadequate. BUT God does not see us that way.

If I believe that God accepted the sacrifice of Jesus when He died in my place, I have cleared out my inside sinful self. I have moved Christ into the vacancy. He lives in me!

Every believer is on equal footing with God……….we are sinless in His sight. No need to compare ourselves with others. No reason to feel inferior or superior.

God finds me acceptable. Hallelujah!



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