Those who seek me find me

(I have been isolating verses as I work my way through Proverbs.  I settle on a verse each morning and then write thoughts that come to me regarding the chosen verse.)

God’s garden

“Those who seek me find me.” – Proverbs 8:17

How comforting!

God is not unfindable.

How do I find Him?

There are visuals. I see Him as the only One who could have created the flowers in our yard.  The colors.  The design. The fact that they emerge from a glacier, frozen and out of sight.  And it happens annually.

When I turn my attention to Who could do such a thing, I know that there is God.

I see His Workings in the hummingbirds that visit our feeder.  Nowhere near here for months yet able to fly great distances to join us.

I have times when words come to me. I clear away the haze and cry out to Him.

I don’t place Him in a geographic location.  I don’t think of Him eternally away from me in heaven.  He is in my midst.

My issue is realizing His proximity and persisting in interaction.

How do I know I’ve “found” Him?  The seeking ends. 

I can all-day-long find Him.  He is near me.  His eyes and ears have such quality that my seeking will result in His finding.

What a Savior!

What a God!

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