Bestowing a rich inheritance on those who love me

(I have been isolating verses as I work my way through Proverbs.  I settle on a verse each morning and then write thoughts that come to me regarding the chosen verse.)

“Bestowing a rich inheritance on those who love me.” Proverbs 8:21

God’s garden

My goal is to love God. 

I must want Him. 

I must seek Him full-time. 

I must long to hear from Him.  To talk to Him. 

I must be well-aware of His presence.  I look and know that He is there. 

I don’t leave the door open and allow the Adversary to come into my life.  I resist the Devil.  I call him out.  I ask for God’s protection.  I recognize my weaknesses on my own. 

I will mess things up with fear or pride.  I will make obstacles of things and get distracted by them.  I will forget to call for Help from the One Who loves me and is nearby. 

Our front door is not working right.  Have I called for Help?  I am now. 

Before, I was worrying about how I would take care of it.  I was spending too much time on that trail. 

Being close to God brings peace.  That DOES NOT mean that things will smooth out as I fashion “smoothing out.”  It means that I have realized that there is One who knows and I’m deliberately bringing Him onboard. 

Because of God’s love, the consequences of my sins are forgiven, and I will have an after-life with God.  What an inheritance that is! 

To love Him right is to eliminate my “love” competitions.  ‘Do you love me more than these?’ 

Jesus died for me, a sinner.  Loving Him back is the only way I can repay Him.

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