What is this blog about??

Inspired by Wayne Cordeiro’s book, The Divine Mentor, I began this daily blog in August of 2010 .

Wayne’s book provided a daily Bible reading list that gets me through the entire Bible each year.

To put even more structure to my Bible reading, I decided that I would choose a verse, or verses, from my daily reading and create applications on this blog for myself and readers.

I pray for God’s insights before I read and write. I also have access to several commentaries.

I try to be certain that I understand the chosen passage before I attempt to apply it anywhere. I read from a large-print Bible with the NIV and Message side by side.

My background is minister’s family and public school teacher. I became a believer as a pre-teen and have had connections to church my entire life.

I have tried to post a picture each day that I have taken of God’s creation in my midst. Almost all the shots are from Massachusetts or Maine.

I am also posting each entry on my Twitter account – His Word For Me.

I would enjoy interacting with readers. My email address is: 85peterjulie17 at gmail dot com.