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How are you doing on that love thing?

“For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen.”  1 John 4:20.

The love of God, that I claim to have, is directly connected to how I love those in my midst.

How easily I say that I love God.

If I try that on someone in my midst; “I love you,” they could easily tell me that it isn’t obvious to them.

Today’s verse tells me that the actuality of love is lived out in my midst.  My claims of loving God are not valid if those in my midst are not getting loved by me.

I guess it’s just dawning on me that every interaction is an opportunity to live out the love of God that I claim to have.

I also feel attacked by the blandness of my expressions of love for God.  I must keep coming up with praise for Him because He blesses me in so many ways.  The opportunities aren’t lacking, it’s my voicing them that is.  Then things evolve into the taking-for-granted level.  The same degeneration happens with those in my midst.

There’s work to be done!

Conclusion: My love for God/others is not where it should be.  Time to love right.

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