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You do or you don’t

“Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.” 1 John 5:12.

We’re talking about a life filled with God.

If my life is filled with God, I have the present and the future under His control.

I can’t see God and I can’t see what my after-life will be like.  It takes faith in Him in both instances.

I can indirectly see God in my surroundings.  I can see Him in people who love Him.

I can only imagine the after-life.  I know that all the terminal things of life will be changed.  All the physical issues will be no more.

If I have not brought God into my life, I have a troubled present and a worrisome future.

The Evil One takes pleasure in minimizing the consequences of a godless life.  “Things will get better.”  “God is love so He will find a place for you in heaven.”  All lies.  Apart from Him my present is rudderless and my future is heavenless.

The lines in today’s verse are VERY clear.  However, we live in a world that is sure that they can lawyer it out and end up with what they want.  “I’ve been a good person.”

Some of the local precincts vote in our church.  Some folks are called “Chreasters,” because they show up at church on Christmas and Easter.  Maybe Election Day could be another time they attend church?

My life must be lived remembering that I have eternal life.  My future is set, and my present is in His Hands.  I must live accordingly.

Conclusion: I must live as a person set for life and death.

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