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“Let me show you what The King can do!”

“’I will call on the Lord to send thunder and rain.  And you will realize what an evil thing you did in the eyes of the Lord when you asked for a king.’”  Then Samuel called on the Lord, and that same day the Lord sent thunder and rain.  So all the people stood in awe of the Lord and of Samuel.”  1 Samuel 12:17-18.

Verses chosen from today’s Bible reading: 1 Samuel 11-12, 1 Chronicles 1, and 2 Corinthians 11.

Samuel never got over the fact that the Israelites decided that they needed a king.

Samuel was connected to God and he relayed to the Israelites what God told him.  It seemed like a perfect arrangement in Samuel’s head.

But the Israelites had other plans.  An easy excuse would be to blame their thinking on the prospect of lousy leadership (Samuel’s two sons) that would be put in place.

More likely, it was the Will of God that concerned them.  They wanted to enjoy godless moments.

That being said, Samuel gave the Israelites one last taste of what God can do: control the weather.  The show was spectacular (thunder and rain on a certain day) and many of the Israelites realized the folly of wanting an earthly king.

Who runs our lives?  Is it God?  God is jealous.  He wants no competition.  Our total loyalties must be to Him.  He may require us to retire from the things we’ve liked and enter into areas of transformation.  It may not be easy.  The alternative is to crown an earthy king as the Israelites did.  Put an earthling in charge of them. We’ll see how that works out for them.

“Lord, You are my King.  Forgive me for following lesser gods of my own creation.  I want You in charge of all that I do.  I want Your correction.  Keep me from foolishness.  Direct my path.  Guide me, O thou great Jehovah.”

Do you have a king you serve?  Who’s in charge of your life?  The King has a wonderful resume’ in that role.


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