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My mind was black

I wanted to do an opinion entry today on the corona virus. I had done two on that topic recently.

Prior to the previous entries, I read, I studied, I researched, and drew some conclusions. Then I wrote them, edited them, and posted them.

Two times that went on.

Then came today. I used the same read/study/research/conclude process and then took a break before writing.

I like to get the beginning of what I’m writing about floating through my head before I start.

Today I sat trying to do that, but I could see that my mind was black. It wasn’t blank, it was black.

This was a first for me.

“What’s going on,” I thought.

It didn’t take too long for me to get it straight. I was not going to get any Help on the story.

Normally, I pray before I write asking for a “flow.” How will I start? Where will the pieces I’ve collected fit into the written puzzle?

I had not been praying about writing in either of the two previous opinion pieces. “I’ve got this,” I thought. “It’s clear and obvious. No need for Help.” Talk about foolish!

How does God get our attention?

It was a quick visual for me this time.

When my brain went black, I realized that God’s Light in my head was turned off. My brain was no longer in service for the story I thought would flow easily. I had nothing to write.

I told my wife what had happened and gave up on the story completely.

I write this entry for a blog I have seriously neglected for months.

My blogging time has been used for covering sports. The CV has now taken that away. Maybe it’s time to begin to write more on this blog?

“Lord, thank You for getting my attention. You are in me. I want You coming out through me in all that I do. Thanks for stopping me completely today. I needed the directness. I love You, God.”



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