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Take courage

“Because the hand of the Lord my God was on me, I took courage….”  Ezra 7:28.

When I act like a coward, either God’s Hand is not on me or I don’t realize that it is.

A believer has the Holy Spirit.  Jesus/God is with me.  He doesn’t leave.  He doesn’t forsake.  He’s in my midst.

Therefore, His Hand is on me because I am a believer.  He is with me.  Why do I act as if He’s gone somewhere?

We have just returned to our place after being gone for three months while our house was rented.  We have come back to numerous problems.  With limited skills, we tend to panic when something doesn’t work.  To come back to a place that has multiple things wrong is truly a test for us.  Often we react poorly to each other or to those who caused the trouble.

But why?  I think I lose sight of God.  I forget that He is in charge.  I forget to call on Him.

He tells me to call on Him in time of trouble.  Why don’t I?  I get used to going it without Him.  Without consulting Him.

I develop a false set of “I’ve got this” muscles.  And then when I don’t “got this,” I have lost my direct contact with Him and stumble and fumble along.

God is in charge.  He is the One I need to be close to at ALL times.

When I realigned myself to Him today, I immediately thought of a couple of things I needed to do.  Would they be the final solutions to problems?  Not sure, but I was now acting as someone with confidence.  That confidence was a trust in God Almighty rather than feeble, little old me!

Conclusion: Is my courage generated from my connection to God? It must be.

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