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Someone is listening

“What passes my lips is open before you.”  Jeremiah 17:16.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Jeremiah 16-17, Psalm 96, and John 16.

Verses like today’s show up all the time in the Bible.

And every time I read them I get a shot to my conscience.  I start to play back the day so far and cringe.

“Everything” I say is known to God!  Rest your brain on that.  We are indeed completely accountable and yet we live as if there is no third party within hearing range.

What would a conversation, in any location, sound like if I knew that Someone else was tuned to it?  That’s an easy one to answer: Different!

How often do you speak harshly about someone not in the conversation?  Unkind words cannot be part of my conversations.

How controlled by God would I have to be to speak only His Words?  A lot more than I am now, for sure.

And it is not that I don’t want to use just His Words, it’s that I am so undisciplined in my relationship to Him that His Words are not fully my words.

I also have a lousy memory of Scripture because I forget that He is in my midst always and hears it all.

“O Lord, a direct-hit Scripture for certain.  I must be tightly connected to You.  My words betray our relationship.  My words are supposed to benefit listeners not titillate or infuriate them.  I surrender to You.  Fill me with You.  May my words please You, I ask.”

Just imagine that God hears everything you say…………because He does!

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