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Questioning God

“After that he poured water into a basin and began to wash his disciples’ feet, drying them with the towel that was wrapped around him.” John 13:5.

“No, said Peter, “you shall never wash my feet.” John 13:8.

What an unnerving pattern it has been.

For three straight days of reading there have been instances where God’s Way is rejected.

Jeremiah said, “Alas, Sovereign Lord.”  Then it was the disciples with, “But Rabbi.”  Today we get, “No, said Peter.”

Questioning God’s plan.  What could be wrong with that!  Plenty.

If I am following Him, then what comes along is what I need to have come along.

I continue to want the perfect life.  Everything in its place and working on my time.  Real life just isn’t like that.  God wants me to trust Him in ALL the details of my life.

My wife took a fold-out window out today to wash it.  She couldn’t get it back in.  I couldn’t get it back in.  Things did not go well between us as we tried to get the window back in where it belonged.

I look back at the incident with embarrassment.  Things didn’t go the way I wanted so I went negative.  That’s why the reactions of Jeremiah, the disciples, and Peter hit me where I needed hitting.

God knows what is best.  Things that happen can be faced in a Godly manner or in a godless manner.  I joined the others by reacting as if God didn’t know what He was doing.

To finish the window story.  We were having a large tree taken down in our yard at the same time we struggled with the window.  My neighbor, who has more skills than the legal limit (!), was going to be getting some of the wood so he was outdoors watching.  After my wife and I realized that we wouldn’t be able to get the window back in right, we went outside to watch the tree cutting.  My wife mentioned to our neighbor our trouble with the window.  He was familiar with the workings of those windows, came over, and quickly had the window back where it needed to be.  I told my wife that God is merciful (we didn’t break the window) and gracious (we had a handy neighbor nearby) and that we are totally unworthy of having a relationship with such an awesome God.

I need to start each day fully attached to Him.  I cannot venture out without Him in charge of every word and deed to come.  When I recall my unworthiness and His great love to me I am overwhelmed.  “What did I do to deserve this?”

Conclusion: My reactions to things reveals the depth of my trust in God’s Wisdom.


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