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How to Represent God

“Jacob’s well was there, and Jesus, tired as he was from the journey, sat down by the well.  It was about noon.  When a Samaritan woman came to draw water, Jesus said to her, ‘Will you give me a drink?’” John 4:6-7.

When I’m tired, I want to be left alone.  I’m not looking for any interaction, just some peace and quiet.

And Jesus was tired.  The only time I ever read that Jesus rode somewhere was on His Palm Sunday entry into Jerusalem.  Otherwise, he was walking.

When I am tired, the only conversation I am likely to get into would have to be started by someone else.  Jesus was different. He may have been tired, but He initiated the conversation with the Samaritan woman.  He could have ignored her, and she probably would have ignored Him, but Jesus chose otherwise.

The first insight for me is that I CANNOT allow my physical condition to keep me from representing Him.  My day cannot be segmented into times when I will represent Him and other times when I’ll lower my Godly profile.  That’s too “normal” ……and ungodly.

Another insight for me is the way Jesus approached the woman.  Note that He didn’t delve into the differences between Himself (a Jew) and her (a Samaritan).  He also didn’t jump into social quicksand by asking her why she was at the well at noon instead of when the other women would be there.

Instead, He asked a non-threatening question.  The beauty of his approach was that it led to some changed lives in her family and in her village.

Sean McDowell (apologist writer) encourages those who want to represent God to start interactions with questions.  Non-threatening questions.  Those questions can lead to answers that can lead to witnessing opportunities. I am going to guess that Sean learned this technique from John 4!

I was at a baseball game today and I had a nice interaction with a photographer.  He told me that he had flunked out of college and now had finally finished his schooling at a second college.  He didn’t know what job he was going to have but his parents were okay with him living at home.  Pretty heavy stuff from someone I had never met before!  Non-threatening questions stimulated a lengthy conversation.

Jesus modeled both behaviors found in today’s two verses.  He didn’t let his physical condition stop Him from interacting with others and He used a question to get the interaction started.  Food for thought for me on both counts.

Conclusion: I must always be ready to represent Him.  I must use questions to stimulate interactions.




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