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Humility and how I attained it

“For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”  Luke 14:11.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Zechariah 10-12, Psalm 126, and Luke 14.

Have you ever been humiliated?  Sure is painful.

It is so easy to elevate yourself.  Sometimes others will do it for you.  Too often that is exactly what we’re hoping for!

But realistically, we aren’t as good everyone in our so-called specialties.  Just check out how others do what you do and this reality will set in.

I enjoy doing this blog and I think it is well done until I read other blogs doing similar things.  There is no comparison.

What keeps me blogging anyhow is that my intention is not recognition.  I have never promoted this blog.  Those who happen to read it are those who found it on their own.

I ask God for His Words and His Insights as I compose an entry.  Where the finished entry goes is God’s doing as far as I’m concerned.  I pray that each entry will positively impact the writer and the readers.

I suspect that none of the above sounds very humble because I’m telling about it.  However, sticking to the process I’ve chosen for this blog has served as a firewall against self-promotion.

I truly wish that I could get that same firewall in place in my in-my-midst life.  So many arrogant words have been spoken and so many arrogant deeds have been done.  I hear them and reflect on them and wonder why I put so much air in my personal balloon!  And as expected, the “pops” in my life are often the result of a lack of humility to those in my midst.  I get exactly what I deserve.  Often it is the only way for God to get my attention.  Sad that it has to be that way.

The Godly man does better.  He defers instinctively to others.  He backs away from praise and does not seek confirmation of words and deeds.  He listens first and responds appropriately.  His good deeds are unnoticed and He likes it that way because he knows that God knows.  O to be that man.

“Lord, forgive me for being so arrogant.  It doesn’t fit comparatively and it doesn’t fit because it is ungodly.  I want to please You with every word/thought/deed.  I have Your Holy Spirit.  Why do I live as if I don’t?  Cleanse me of the sludge that interferes with our relationship.  I am needy.  Help me, I beg.”

The Godly person is humble.  If you are proud then you are ungodly.


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