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God is with me

“You will see it with your own eyes and say, ‘Great is the Lord – even beyond the borders of Israel!’” Malachi 1:5.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading; Nehemiah 13, Malachi 1-2, and Acts 4.

Nothing, including distance, can separate me from God.

How can God be everywhere?  Another of His mysteries.

I must live aware that God is in my midst via His Holy Spirit.  He sees me.  He hears me.  He knows my thoughts.  That information must put me on serious notice.

I must remember that God is also where my loved ones are as well.  They may be distant, and I know almost nothing about what they are doing, but He does.  I can intercede for them.  I can ask for His protection for them.

I often forget that God is nearby.  How can I remedy that?  I need to think through what I would do if God was where I am right now.  I would surely want to talk to Him.  If I was writing this blog, I would surely ask Him for help.  I just moved a chair next to my desk to remind me (visually) that He is here with me.  Whatever works!

“Lord, I know that You are here with me.  I also know that You are where readers are too.  Help each of us to be mindful of Your presence and act accordingly.  Forgive me for losing track of Your nearness.  I am blessed to have You with me.  Thank You, Father.”

How do I know that God is with me right now?  I believe that He is omnipresent.


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