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Judging others

“Isn’t this the carpenter?” Mark 6:3.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Job 21, and Mark 5-6.

The folks in Nazareth where Jesus lived cannot elevate Him in their thinking.

Jesus now had a following and instead of being excited about it the locals are offended.

Certainly a lesson for all of us: Don’t judge others.

Don’t underestimate people.  God works in mysterious ways.  He also works in people we aren’t expecting Him to work in.  Think of David, Joseph, and Gideon to name of few.

It is easy for long-time believers to look down on young believers.  Since we “veterans” have been close to God for so long, we assume that we know more.

Some of the folks in Nazareth remembered Jesus as one of them.  Now He wasn’t.  He didn’t speak like them.  They weren’t ready to elevate Jesus in their estimation.  Sadly, He left a place where He should have been honored.

I must be willing to step up if that is what God wants.  I can’t under-estimate what I will be able to do in His strength.  A God-given role may not be well received by our friends.

“Lord, You are in control.  You control clouds and waves.   Empower me to rightly represent You in the midst I’m in.  Forgive me for ever thinking less of any other believer.  You love them too. You are a great God.”

We must be happy in the role God gives us; whether it’s lead or stage crew.




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