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Important requests

“Say to wisdom, ‘You are my sister,’ and to insight, ‘You are my relative.’”  Proverbs 7:4.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Proverbs 7-9, and Romans 9.

Solomon knew these requests well for he had asked for them from God.

God had asked Solomon what he wanted.  Solomon’s request for discernment and the ability to get wrong and right right, had pleased God.

Now it is our turn to make a similar request.  And what better things could we ask for?

I want to be able to get right what He wants me to do.  I will not, in my own strength, get it right.  I may stumble into “rightness” on occasion but the possibility of my messing things up is near-certain.

This must not just be a big-decision arrangement.  I need His guidance in everything that comes along.

A major struggle for me continues to be reacting to the unexpected.  In a “groove” I’m fine but when circumstances (car won’t start) force me out of the “groove” I get quickly into trouble spiritually.  Whenever it happens I become sadly aware later on of the shallowness of my relationship to God.

I need His wisdom and insights 24/7.

“Lord, I belong to You.  You have enabled it to happen and I am eternally grateful for it.  I request Your wisdom and insights as I live through this day.   I want to get everything right in Your sight.  Prick my conscience when I try to take over my life in Your place.  I want You in charge.  I am Your love slave.  Thank You, Lord.”

You need God’s wisdom and insights to live for Him.  Try asking for them just as Solomon did.

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