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Only the breathing should praise Him

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.  Praise the Lord.”  Psalm 150:6.

I guess that covers all of us!

I am alive because God has willed it.

I enjoy old windup clocks.  I have more than enough of them, according to my wife!

Those clocks are dependent on me.  If I forget to wind them, they stop.  Therefore, I try to wind them regularly.  Some will go for longer times than others.  Some will go just a day.

I have noticed also that the clocks need to be in the right setting to work.  In an older house, there is slant.  Clocks don’t like slant, so I must get them level to get them to work.

Bottom line? The clocks work because of me.  Just like me needing God to survive.  Every breath I take is God letting me live a breath longer.

Praising Him must be a bigger part of my life.  There is nothing contrived when praising God.  From within the office, I see changing leaves.  Their colors are amazing.  A visual feast.  God has given me eye candy!

I have a wife in my midst.  A caring, super-organized lifelong companion.  What a blessing.

Conclusion: I must use my breathing as a reminder of God’s ongoing blessings.

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