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God in the details of our lives (personal story)

“Praise be to the Lord God, the God of Israel, who alone does marvelous deeds.” Psalm 72:18.

I write about, “God in my midst.”

I write about, “God in the details.”

Let me relate a specific example of how we saw that play out in our lives:

The house my wife and I live in is in our daughter’s name.  We’re here, we pay some of the bills, but the house is in her name.

When the house was bought, and we agreed to live here, our daughter arranged for cable to be installed.  We, however, paid and continue to pay for cable.

The bills are sent to us at our mailbox in the town (in Massachusetts) where we live in our daughter’s house.

When there have been difficulties with cable, I contact Comcast to try and sort things out.  Our daughter lives in another state (Connecticut).

My wife is the actual bill payer.  She has mentioned regularly that “cable is going up.”  “I should call them,” she suggests, “and see if there is something that can be done to lower the rates.”  I have occasionally tried to do that without success.

Very recently the TV was not working properly.  I contacted Comcast and informed them of the problem.  The Comcast online technician went into trouble-shooting mode.  She finally decided that a technician would need to come to our house to fix things.

She asked for the “last four digits of my social” and I told her what they were and that they were the last four digits of my daughter’s social.

The online helper then informed me that in order to get an agent to come to the house, my daughter would have to contact Comcast and give permission.  I tried to explain that my daughter didn’t live in the house and that we were paying the cable bills.  That got me nowhere.

This complication prompted me to visit the area Comcast office and try to transfer the cable account into my name.

“God in the details?”  Keep reading.

I went to the Comcast office and explained our dilemma to their representative. I told him that I wanted to set up a new account in my name.

His response?  “This is an excellent time to do it.”  The details?  He told me that the cable equipment we had in the house was very old, and it would be replaced with new equipment.  They would also transform our slow internet into something much faster.

And the cost would be lower!  I am not the bill payer, but it looks to be $50-$60 less a month.

I did not start the day with any thought that our cable bill could be lowered, but God entered the details of our lives in an unexpected way.

Conclusion: “Thank You, Lord, for such a blatant ‘marvelous deed’ on our behalf.”


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