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“Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.” Proverbs 27:1.

“But now that there is no more place for me to work in these regions, and since I have been longing for many years to visit you, I plan to do so when I go to Spain.”  Romans 15:23-24.

Verses chosen from today’s Bible reading; Proverbs 25-27, and Romans 15.

We all do it; we make plans.

Paul is planning to go to Spain, but he will never get there.

We don’t know the future.  God does.

In James it says that if the Lord wills, we’ll do this and that.  When we start saying, with certainty, what will happen, we miss Who is in charge.

I have often been guilty of starting something and THEN asking God to bless me.  How does God feel about my approach?

Planning something without involving God is folly.

A better approach is to present my blank schedule to Him and ask Him to guide me in filling it in.  That approach makes me open to His changes and His better ideas.  Apart from Him I can do nothing Godly.

“Lord, direct me.  Show me the way; Your Way.  Forgive me for going my own way.  For asking for blessings without being assured I am doing what You want me to do.  What a fool I am!  I love You, Father.”

If I plan without God, I have created a counterfeit god; me.

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